A retrofuturistic collision of synth and chip

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Amplitude Problem - "The Frequency Modulators Orchestra, Vol. 1"
Producer / Composer / Performer

Various Artists - "Hear the Living Dead"
Scythe Saga Records
Producer / Composer / Performer (track 7)
Mastering (tracks 1 - 32)

"... one of the hottest Halloween compilations this year ..." - DRIVE Radio

"... drizzles you with suspenseful sounds, great beats ..." - FrostClick

Amplitude Problem - "Synchron Assembly"
Melodic Miner Records
Producer / Composer / Performer / Mastering

"Chiptune with an edge. We really like this EP release from Amplitude Problem." - DRIVE Radio

"Out of all the EDM songs [in this month's post], Initialize feels like the most traditional, due to Amplitude Problem's close association to the demoscene." - Chiptunes = WIN

"... awesome tunes ..." - Neon Vice

"... headnotic beats ... extensive studio production ... trippy soundscapes" - Pandora

Various Artists - "CHIPWARS"
New Horizons Records
Producer / Composer / Performer / Mastering (track 1)

Various Artists - "I Fight for the Users"
The Grid: Games and Growlers
Producer / Composer / Performer / Mastering (track 2)

Various Artists - "Grid Knights"
Retro Promenade Records
Producer / Composer / Performer (track 1)

Various Artists - "Coastal Keys"
Retro Promenade Records
Producer / Composer / Performer (track 5)

"Retro Promenade has put together another outstanding compilation that sets them apart from the rest." - Music Playground

"... brings together 23 of the finest synth-twisters ..." - Decoder Magazine

Various Artists - "Carpenter"
Retro Promenade Records
Producer / Composer / Performer (track 7)

"Run, don't walk, to download this John Carpenter-themed retrosynth album." - Bloody Disgusting

"Here's the John Carpenter-themed synth-pop album of your dreams and nightmares." - Vanyaland

"The music is all class. Sharp, hypnotic, captivating. Lucid tunes a-drip with talented composition, production clarity and exquisite execution." - The Blood Shed

"... each track should whet the macabre appetite of the most diehard horror and sci-fi fans ... it'll serve as a great companion piece to Lost Themes." - Consequence of Sound

"... a killer collection of Carpenter-inspired tracks ..." - Under the Gun Review

"... absolutely beautiful." - Synthesised Bliss

"... it's F**KING awesome, brilliant piece of concept music, catchy, energetic, haunting." - Stylenoir

"... epic piece ..." - DRIVE Radio

Amplitude Problem - "Blue Bots Dots"
Retro Promenade Records
Producer / Composer / Performer

"Amplitude Problem has released a new album with such fly stylings you might turn into a space invader." - YTCracker

"... wildly impressed with the polish and charm of the album ... Full of catchy synth and that soon to be classic Amplitude Problem sound. From fast paced upbeat songs to some darker stuff this album has some range but flows together so nicely." - Punch Nerds

"... you DO NOT want to miss out on this release!" - Neon Vice

"A delicate balance of 80s and 90s synthpop with a focus on groove spiced with insane melodies." - Elijah Lucian

"Amplitude Problem should have been a SEGA composer in the early 90s because damn, this is excellent." - tanner4105

Various Artists - "The Next Peak"
Retro Promenade Records
Producer / Performer (track 8)

"... absolutely fantastic instrumental take on 'Into the Night', which was a definite highlight of 'The Next Peak: Volume I'." - Neon Vice

"Damn fine coffee album." - Destroy the Brain

"'The Next Peak Vol. 1' is a delightful Twin Peaks tribute album." - Bloody Disgusting

"... it's a nice testament to the show's enduring musical appeal." - A.V. Club

"Twin Peaks gets 1980s-style synth score tribute album." - The Nerdist

YTCracker - "Introducing Neals"
Nerdy South Records
Producer / Composer / Performer (tracks 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 17, 21 and 24)

"The production here really shines and is full of enough pulsing and shimmering synths to keep fans of synthwave and 80s soundtracks in neon-lit anthems for some time to come." - Neon Dystopia

"... a magnificent exploration into cyberpunk & synthwave nerdcore." - Adam Force

"... one Nerd Rapper's aim for a multimedia retrofuture." - SlashGear

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