Pre-Made Game Loops

Do you need video game music immediately and/or at an affordable price? I have lots of seamlessly looping game tunes downloadable at GameDev Market.

Custom Game Music and Sound Effects

I direct, produce and compose most styles of game audio for indie developers. This includes soundtracks ranging from cinematic to chiptune, as well as original sound effects like gun shots, explosions, bleeps and boops. I work with partners who supply voice-over talent spanning the entire spectrum from serious to comical.

Since I also have a software development background and am an avid gamer, I speak your language and things don't get lost in translation. I take communication and deadlines seriously.

You will not have to hire additional mixing or mastering services as this is included. Music is delivered in stereo and sound effects in mono so that they can be placed spatially by the game engine (unless your needs dictate otherwise). If your game engine cannot handle environmental effects like reverb, I'm happy to create variations for you using top-of-the-line effects. I deliver in any audio format you require.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Sound Effects